Asphalt road facilitates smoother and faster transportation in Pavia town

Traveling from Iloilo City to Iloilo International Airport, along Iloilo-Capiz Road, specifically via Pavia Diversion Road and the neighboring province of Capiz and vice versa has become smoother and safer travel with the road improvement undertaken by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

Undertaken by DPWH-Iloilo 4th District Engineering Office, the project involves asphalt overlaying of Pavia Diversion Road, specifically from Barangay Cabugao Sur to the town proper.

The ₱15.59-million road upgrading project includes overlaying the existing 984-lineal meter, 2-lane concrete road with asphalt including provision of necessary pavement and road safety markings.

Based on the report of District Engineer Mario G. Soriano, DPWH-6 OIC-Regional Director Sanny Boy O. Oropel said this diversion road serves as an alternate road form Iloilo City to Iloilo International Airpot by-passing Sen. Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. Avenue (Iloilo Diversion Road), passing along Pavia town proper. Hence, its improvement is necessary and timely, considering the volume of vehicles plying Iloilo Diversion Road.

“Overlaying Pavia Diversion Road with asphalt will ensure smoother and comfortable driving experience among our motorists and road users. Asphalt road is durable same and smooth; thus, pavement can last longer than expected,” Oropel said.

“This road upgrading project will facilitate faster and more convenient travel to the airport, that would encourage more visitors to come to Iloilo City and to various tourist destinations in the province. This will also benefit motorists as asphalt road is vehicle-friendly,” he added.

To ensure safety of motorists, pedestrians, and the people in the community especially at night, RD Oropel mentioned that reflectorized thermoplastic pavement markings and necessary warnings signs are installed along the road.

“The pavement markings are visible at night that will guide our motorists to stay on their lanes, and will provide warning among our pedestrians not to go within the lane markings to avoid untoward incidents,” RD Oropel stressed.

Likewise, Engr. Doriano said that asphalt road provides many benefits such as cost efficiency and reduced noise pollution. Overlaying roads with asphalt can improve the benefits for all road users and the environment.

“Roads plays a crucial function in modern society, providing increased mobility for people, goods and services, hence, providing good roads will boost economy and easier access to basic services,” Soriano said.

“Paving road with asphalt will provide a smoother pavement and cost efficient. With smoother pavement, vehicles could run smoothly on pavement, thus, its maintenance cost will be reduced. Asphalt also reduces road noise both inside and outside the vehicle, helping to prevent accidents by alleviating source of stress that may contribute to driver fatigue,” he added. (DPWH)