Bacolod councilor, traffic man trade barbs

Councilor Al Victor Espino/file photo

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – A Bacolod City councilor and a personnel of the Bacolod Traffic Authority Office (BTAO) exchanged accusations here following a heated confrontation in the latter’s office.

The protagonists are Councilor Al Victor Espino and a certain Abner Salvallon, BTAO building administrator.

Salvallon told reporters on Thursday that Espino reportedly “caused a scene” at the BTAO office and allegedly threatened to shoot him Wednesday night.

He also accused the councilor of badmouthing him after he tried to talk to the latter while tapping his shoulder when the lawmaker allegedly forced his way to the office of the BTAO head.

But Salvallon said this further angered the councilor who allegedly berated the former: ““Yudip*t*. Indi ko pag hikapa kay indi ta ya miguhay! Indi ta ka ya kilala, hikapa ko bala liwat kay tiruhon ta ka (Son of a *****. Don’t touch me because we’re not friends. I don’t know you. Touch me again and I will shoot you).”

He said Espino further raised his shirt to show a gun tucked in his waist.

Major Junji Liba, BTAO head, said the incident happened after two women motorcycle riders reportedly asked the councilor’s intervention after their motorcycles were impounded by BTAO for some traffic rule violations.

Espino denied the charges saying he went to the BTAO after an aunt of a motorcycle owner sought his help over an impounded motorcycle.

Espino said that the motorcycle was just borrowed by the rider who was apprehended for not wearing a helmet and lacking a valid driver’s license.

The councilor admitted that he badmouthed Salvallon but denied threatening him with his gun.

He said he got irked when Salvallon tapped him and tried to stop him from going inside Liba’s office.

He said he is a responsible gun owner and he knows when and how to use it.