Bombo Radyo PHL holds 2019 TLMC in Iloilo City

BOMBO Radyo Philippines President and CEO Margaret Ruth C. Florete

BOMBO RADYO Philippines, an Ilonggo-home grown brand that has continued to make the radio broadcasting landscape exciting and relevant to the Filipinos,   bares its trade secrets as it holds its Top Level Management Conference in Iloilo City from January  6  to 12, 2019.

Dr. Rogelio M. Florete, Chairman of 31 strong AM & FM radio stations located in 24 key cities, disclosed that Bombo Radyo’s continued airwave dominance is borne out of its culture, discipline and work habits to be able to offer to the Filipino people – the singular brand of Bombo Radyo.

As the torch is passed on to Ms. Margaret Ruth C. Florete, the Network’s President/CEO, Bombo Radyo formally launches the “Digital Bombo Radyo Experience” for this year’s TLMC Theme to highlight the Bombo Mobile App.

With Bombo Radyo’s strong and relevant content on your cell phones, everyone can continue to listen to and interact with his favorite Bombo Radyo and Star FM Station, via the Bombo Mobile App, even outside your homes and anywhere in the world.

It is with great pride that Ms. Florete, also invites all music loving Filipinos to personally witness the Bombo Music Festival for the live performances of the 12 Finalists on Saturday, January 12, 2019 at the Rose Memorial Auditorium of the Central Philippines University.

A 30-piece Bombo Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Gerardo Muyuela will ensure an evening of enthralling musical experience that will spotlight the musical talents from all over the country, the best of almost 1,000 entries submitted to Bombo Radyo or Star FM stations nationwide.

A prestigious Board of Judges will select this year’s BMF Champion who will bring home bigger prizes and whose musical compositions will be played in all Bombo Radyo and Star FM Stations nationwide.

This year’s jury is composed of Mr. Ryan Cayabyab, the preeminent musician and National Artist in Music; Mr. Jim Paredes of the musically-gifted APO Hiking Society, Fr. Jun Borres, a noted Jesuit musician, Isabelle de Leon, matinee idol, singer and artist; and Rivermaya lead singer and artist Jason Fernandez who was also a “The Voice” finalist.