Bookies operation exists in Iloilo City

With the Small Town Lottery operations in the city and province of Iloilo still in the doldrums, illegal numbers games are making a killing. (Ricky Alejo/File)

By: Jennifer P. Rendon 

ILLEGAL numbers game operations still exist in Iloilo City.

But Police Colonel Martin Defensor, Jr., Iloilo police director, said these are mere guerrilla operations manned by small-time gambling personalities.

Defensor said he heard about the reports some three weeks ago about individuals who turned to bookies operation after the Small Town Lottery (STL) games in the city and province of Iloilo remained un-operational.

Ang sabi sa akin, may pa-ilan-ilan na nagsulputan,” he said.

This illegal operation was proven true after the arrest of a bet collector for a bookies game.

Intelligence operatives of Iloilo City Police Station 1 collared Roland Cortel, 38, at his house near the village hall of Cochero in Molo district.

Cortel yielded P83 bet money apart from his P980 personal cash, and a sack filled with cotejos or bet lists, and other illegal gambling paraphernalia.

Cortel used to be an STL bet collector but decided to go underground after the legalized operations shut down.

The suspect later admitted that he had no other means of livelihood that’s why he was forced to go into bookies operation.

But Defensor said Cortel claimed he was just merely a middle man and had no idea who financed their operations.

“He said he is basing the result from various draws,” He said.

But Defensor said they are still investigating if there are several illegal gambling financiers operating in Iloilo City.