OJNA Crocodiles upset Malditos in JB cage league

Jayjay Guanzon of OJNA, received best player of the game honors. (Jayphet Balbacal)

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

The OJNA/IYB Mobile Bar Crocodiles prevailed over a tough Malditos/Liege Motor Parts squad, 82-75, in the first season of the JB Amateur basketball league.

The Crocodiles put on a collective effort to deliver a performance for the ages, taking down one of the biggest teams in the league in Malditos.

Jayjay Guanzon of the Crocodiles led the team with his all-around effort, chalking up 25 huge points, five three-pointers, four rejections, and six boards to win the best player of the game honors.

The Malditos put in a valiant effort to fill in the absence of their two big men, but came up short against the running and gunning Crocodiles team.

“It was a good game, close but I applaud the effort from the Crocs. Although absent ang big men sang Malditos but the core group is still there and they were outplayed by the Crocs,” Jayphet Balbacal told the Daily Guardian.