Boston exacts revenge after eliminating Miami

Boston advances to the next round of the NBA playoffs after eliminating Miami (The Celtics Wire X account)

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

The Boston Celtics just eliminated its nemesis squad Miami Heat, 118-84, in Game 5 of their Eastern Conference NBA playoff first-round matchup on May 2, 2024.

After suffering a painful game 7 loss to Miami that prevented them from entering the NBA finals last year, the revamped Boston team were eager to finish the series in style, demolishing the banged up Miami team in just five games.

The Celtics immediately buckled to work in the first quarter to establish a commanding 18-point lead led by Derrick White who picked up where he left off after that tremendous Game 4 performance on the road.

White’s efficient three-point shooting and hustle led the Celtics to a sizable advantage while also setting the tone for his team for the rest of the game.

Jaylen Brown also contributed to their first half wizardry after entering attack mode in the first two quarters, exposing switching mismatches while also drawing fouls that put the Heat in early foul trouble.

One thing that stood out in Boston’s game plan was how they attacked Tyler Herro in the post. Every time the Celtics got into their half court sets, Jrue Holiday always went to Brown and Jayson Tatum when the smaller Miami guard was switched unto them.

Those straight possessions then turned into gold for the Celtics as Brown and Tatum scored over Herro at will.

With the lead now out of hand for Miami, head coach Erik Spoelstra was forced to tweak his rotation, trying to find the answer on how to stop the rolling Boston offense.

However, those quick counter moves were of no use as the red-hot Boston team continued its offensive intensity in the second half and didn’t allow the Heat to win a single quarter.

Brown and White became the top scorers for the Celtics as the 1-2 punch each tallied 25 points whole combining for an efficient 19/32 shooting from the field.

Sam Hauser, Boston’s reliable shooter, also played his best game in the playoffs so far after delivering 17 points, five rebounds, and a dime.

On the other hand, the Heat ended its post season without their two stars, Jimmy Butler and Terry Rozier, who were again unavailable due to their respective injuries.


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