Comelec briefs IOs on voting process for midterm polls

Information officers from various local government units and government agencies in the city and province of Iloilo were briefed on the voting process that will take place during the midterm elections on May 13, 2019.

Election Officer Alice Bernadette Naranjo of Comelec-Passi City, who is temporarily assigned in the municipality of Anilao, Iloilo for the duration of the May 2019 elections, said that the polling place will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“The registered voter should look for their name in the Precinct Computerized Voters List (PCVL) posted near the door of the polling place, and determine their precinct number and sequence number,” Naranjo said.

She said the voter should then approach any member of the Electoral Board (EB) to verify their identity and check if any of their fingernails have already been stained with indelible ink.

In some areas, the Voter Registration Verification System (VRVS) will be used to verify the identity of the voter.

“The voter will put his finger into the scanner and the VRVS will check if his/her biometrics is in the database. If found, the printer will print a receipt confirming this,” she explained.

After the voter’s identity has been established by the EB, the voter will affix his/her signature in the EDCVL or Election Day Certified Voters List.  

“The EB will give the voter a ballot, ballot secrecy folder and marking pen and direct the voter to fill-up the ballot in the designated voting area,” she added.

Naranjo emphasized that the voter should fully shade circles beside the name/s of the candidate/s of his/her choice.

“Do not overvote. Overvote means the voter has voted for more than the maximum number of votes allowed for a given contest,” she said.

She explained that votes cast for overvoted positions will not be counted by the Vote Counting Machines.

After filling up the ballot, the voter shall approach the VCM and insert his ballot in the entry slot.

The VCM will then display messages and the ballot will automatically drop inside the ballot box.

“Receipt will be printed, folded in such a way that its contents cannot be seen then cut using scissors,” she said.

She said that indelible ink will be applied to the voter’s right forefinger nail and the receipt will be handed over to the voter.

“Voter will approach the Voter’s Receipt receptacle near the VCM to verify his/her votes and drop the receipt in the receptacle then leave the polling place,” she said.

According to Comelec-Iloilo, 1,525,168 registered voters in the province are expected to flock voting centers on election day. (PIA-Iloilo)