Conquering Conquest

Between the two of us, we both agree that Lcid has always been the nerd. He spent his time buried in comic books and to this day, has an expansive action figure collection. Lawrence preferred to tinker with his computers in attempts to make it play videogames a little bit better. We both geeked out when we were invited to go to Conquest 2019, especially with Daily Guardian being the only mainstream media partner of the event.


Everything was there for both of us. Lcid went to the action figure displays from Spawn to Star Wars to Marvel. He has dozens of action figures but one can never have too many renditions of Batman. He even had art made where he and Lawrence are drawn as Superman and Batman. Lcid is, of course, Batman. We spent most of our time, however, the same way we spent most of our childhood, playing videogames. Lcid, being previously a League of Legends player, felt right at home. Lawrence and his extensive experience cutting class to play Counter-strike, gravitated towards the first-person-shooter games.

Conquest 2019 was amazing and tiring and absolutely packed. 7500 people were at ICC with us. Double Team was outnumbered. Hopefully we can keep it going and Conquest 2020 will be even bigger (and have more Batman)!

Special Thanks to A Frederick Sansait and Jamar Montehermoso.

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