DUNÂ, KINAÍYA KAG PARANÚBLIÙN: Book on cultural inventory of Antique launched

The Department of Education (DepEd) – Antique, University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV), Antique Provincial Government, and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), in coordination with the then-Office of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda, launched the book “Dunâ, Kinaíya Kag Paranúbliùn,” A Cultural Inventory of the Province of Antique, at the Old Capitol Building in San Jose de Buenavista, Antique on Nov. 25, 2022.

Ms. Anna Razel Ramirez, Overall Coordinator of the Cultural Mapping of Antique (CMA) Project, emphasized the accomplishment of the Antique teachers who were assigned to conduct the cultural mapping of the 22 schools district of Antique.

“It is fitting that it was the teachers who were trained by the National Commission for Culture and Arts to be the cultural mappers because the skill of cultural mapping can be imbibed by their students. The teachers’ influence is boundless. By learning the value of and practice of documenting and appreciating cultural heritage, teachers share this knowledge and propagate it through the lessons they teach,” she said.

She also underscored Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda’s programs in Antique.

“In the 2019 GAA, Sen. Loren has made available funds for the implementation of the Cultural Mapping of Antique. The project of this magnitude is a gift for the Antiqueños. While other provinces would struggle to have some of their towns and cities tackle cultural mapping for their LGU registry, Antique is so lucky to have a resolute leader in Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda who would ensure that all the towns will have a registry after a year or two of ‘difficult but inspired work’ by the Antique teachers despite the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Dunâ, Kinaíya Kag Paranúbliùn is composed of 21 volumes which include:

  • Executive summary (one volume)
  • Significant natural resources (six volumes)
  • Significant tangible immovable heritage (two volumes)
  • Significant tangible movable heritage (one volume)
  • Significant intangible heritage (eight volumes)
  • Significant personalities (two volumes)
  • Significant institutions (one volume)

These seven sets each contain 1461 forms mapped by the DepEd teacher mappers. These outputs were generated through the CMA Project.

Sen. Legarda, in her video message, said amid modernization and digitalization, the publication of the book “serves to document and preserve the culture and traditions of our forefathers that we wish to pass on to future generations.”

“As we launch this today, let us all be proud of the treasures that we have and I hope that this would not remain only in the pages of this book, but actually practiced, preserved, and hopefully not vanish,” Legarda said.

Because of the best practices of the CMA Project, the senator recommended the cultural mapping of the rest of Panay Island and requested allocation for its implementation in the 2023 budget.

The CMA Project started during her term as deputy speaker and the representative of the Lone District of Antique.

In his video message, Chancellor Clement Camposano said “the highly collaborative implementation of this project and its obvious success, which indeed, we are today celebrating with the launching of this impressive compendium have one clear implication – the protection and promotion of our tangible and intangible cultural heritage, is a point of unity and convergence that brings together the various institutions of society.”

“Clearly, we have not only mapped and profiled the significant cultural properties of the province of Antique; we have also become more aware of our duty to work together to promote our cultural heritage,” the Chancellor added.

Schools Division Superintendent Felisa Beriong, who “painstakingly joined us in all the activities” of the project according to Ramirez, welcomed key officials, teacher mappers, and guests at the launching.

Antique Rep. Antonio Agapito Legarda, Jr. and acting Vice Governor SP Member Mayella Mae Ladislao, attended the event and gave messages on the significance of the book that features Antique’s heritage, culture, tradition, and people. DepEd-6 Regional Director Ramir Uytico, also delivered a video message.

The 18 local government units (LGUs) of Antique each received the book during the launch. Local chief executives, representatives, and teacher mappers received the books on behalf of the LGUs.

Meanwhile, SP Member Ladislao and Provincial Tourism Officer JC Perlas received the on behalf of Antique Gov. Rhodora Cadiao. UPV Information and Publications Director Gerthode Charlotte Tan-Mabilog joined in the turnover of books.

The CMA Project was a collaborative engagement by DepEd-Antique headed by SDS Beriong.

Together with her are DepEd supervisors, Eleanore M. Dagala, EPS-Araling Panlipunan; Rodrigo N. Sarapanan, EPS-Music, Arts, PE and Health (MAPEH); Anita S. Gubalane, EPS-Science; and Schubert Anthony C. Sialongo, EPS-Learning Resources Management System (LRMS); Emerose B. Balondo, DepEd Accountant; Lester Ton J. Espenocilla, DepEd Finance Staff; Ma. Christine C. Nietes, DepEd Budget Officer; and Miracle Faith C. Senario, DepEd Supply Officer.

A total of 90 teachers from the various elementary and secondary schools of the municipalities of Antique, served as the mappers of the project.

They are supported by their district supervisors and the respective mayors and tourism officers of their localities.

Ramirez of UP Visayas served as the Overall Project Coordinator. In her team are the mapping experts, Prof. Jose R. Taton Jr. and Sashah B. Dioso, assisted by research assistants Dimple Rios and Michelle Villavert.

Professor Emeritus Dr. Alicia P. Magos served as chief consultant, while Ramon B. Ramirez was in charge of field documentation with the teacher mappers.

Also part of the UPV team are the project consultants Prof. Martin Genodepa, Dr. Resurreccion Sadaba, John Rey Callado, Prof. Jessie Labiste, Jr., and Dr. Randy Madrid.

The UPV project support and management team included Teresita Quezon, Jocelyn Genesila, Alven Polido, Marites Yu, Vanessa Coo, Wilfredo Palete, Jr., Lea Papilota, Mary Lyncen Fernandez, Neyah Grace Cartago, and Juvy Janeo.

Additionally, the CMA video team included Gian Niño Genoveza as video editor, together with Prof. Julie Prescott, Ma. Rosalie Zerrudo, and Carlson Alelis.

The project also involved consultants on Antique local culture and history.  They are Dante Beriong, Engr. Jonathan De Gracia, Samuel Rubido, Errol Santillan, Jose Edison Tondares, Fr. Cornelio Ysulat, Fr. Glicerio Geremia, Pauldenmar Lim, and Flord Calawag.

Arvin Manuel Villalon of the NCCA spearheaded the conduct of online cultural mapping trainings with the UPV Team and the teacher mappers.

With Villalon are the NCCA consultants Cecille Gelicame, Ricamela Pallis, Fr. Harold Rentoria, OSA, Ar. Wilfredo Sy, Jr., and Gladys Argonza. (UPV IPO with sources from CMA)