Exploring Cutting-Edge Technologies: DTI VI’s Immersion

Department of Trade and Industry-(DTI) in Region VI personnel led by OIC-RD Ermelinda Pollentes and OIC-ARD Rachel Nufable embarked on a benchmarking visit to various Innovation Centers on October 10-11, 2023.

This activity allowed them to gain valuable insights in adopting AI-enabled solutions that will aid in DTI’s programs for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Additionally, they explored opportunities to strengthen the DTI Region VI’s Integrated MSME Management Information System (iMMIS).

The journey began at the Union Bank Innovation Campus (UBIC) in San Pedro, Laguna on October 10, 2023. The UBIC tour provided an up-close look at innovative solutions that hold the potential to elevate the performance of micro, small, and medium enterprises. Open finance use cases for MSMEs were also a focal point of discussions, shedding light on the transformative possibilities technology brings to the financial landscape, especially for small businesses.

The second day brought the team to the LaunchGarage Innovation Hub in Quezon City, a vibrant space renowned for nurturing entrepreneurial endeavors. This visit inspired fresh ideas and strategies for the DTI’s continued support of startups and innovation

The journey reached its peak at Miriam College’s Henry Sy Sr. Innovation Center which is the Philippines’ first integrated makerspace located in Quezon City.

Throughout the benchmarking visit, the team was immersed in the world of cutting-edge technologies and educational initiatives designed to foster innovation within the region.

The visit is in line with the government’s push for digitalization, technological innovation and human capital development. It served as a practical learning process for the DTI Region VI team to have better appreciation and have direct knowledge about the facilities/innovation instruments and work processes that can help in carrying out programs with broader reach and impact.

The two-day exploration journey encompassed not only visits to key innovation hubs but also the convergence of visionary missions. Union Bank’s groundbreaking financial technologies and digital capability programs aligned with DTI Region VI’s mission to empower and technologically elevate MSMEs, business partners, and stakeholders.

With the shared goal of co-creating innovations, discussions about collaboration and partnership programs between DTI Region VI, Union Bank, LaunchGarage and Miriam College’s Henry Sy Sr. Innovation Center will take place in upcoming meetings.

Armed with newfound insights, DTI Region VI personnel returned poised to contribute to the development of innovative solutions that will benefit the region’s thriving MSMEs.