Four provinces join pocket tournament

TOP basketball teams in the region will test their mettle when the Guimaras Basketball Pocket Tournament unfolds at the Guimaras State College (GSC) covered gym on Jan. 12, 2019.

The teams are from Antique, Guimaras, Aklan, and Iloilo provinces.

According to Guimaras Sports Consultant Dr. Richard Gabayoyo, the opening game kicks off on Jan. 12 at GSC gym while other matches will be held at Sibunag covered gym.

“This event is first for Guimaras as we want other provinces to know that we are also a in sports events. We already started our volleyball games and now, I hope this competitive basketball tournament gives the public a clear picture that local government is serious in promoting various sports in the island province,” Gabayoyo added.

In the first game, Antique will try to upset host Guimaras at 8 a.m. before the Aklan-Iloilo match at 9:30 a.m.

The afternoon games will resume in Sibunag town where Antique plays against Iloilo at 1 p.m. while Aklan takes on Guimaras at 2:30 p.m.

The championship game follows on Jan. 13. In the morning, Aklan will play against Antique and Guimaras will defend their home turf against Iloilo. In the afternoon, top two teams will square-off for the finals title.

Guimaras Governor Samuel Gumarin and GSC President Dr. Rogelio Artajo are expected to lead the opening ceremonies while Sibunag Mayor Luben Vilches will deliver his message at the Sibunag gym in the afternoon before the actual games.

“We’re thankful for this opportunity and we want the public knows that Guimaras sports will be active this year onwards. As the director of this tournament, we are inviting everyone to witness this thrilling competition. Let us support our own sports programs and discover potential talents who will banner our province in various sports tournaments,” Gabayoyo said.

Gumarin also stressed that the activeness of sport programs in the province is a good sign for their athletes.

“Guimaras Basketball Pocket Tournament is part of the Guimaras sports program in which we are hopeful that this event will become institutionalize and we are promoting not only basketball but also other sports. We aim for the best for all Guimarasnons,” he added.