Globe fires up 356 new 5G sites, expands outdoor coverage nationwide

Globe is making significant strides in its commitment to bringing 5G wireless technology across the country, building 356 new 5G sites as of June 2023. This continuous deployment has resulted in an impressive 5G outdoor coverage of 97.44% in the National Capital Region and 91% in key cities of Visayas and Mindanao.

In a significant achievement, Globe also announced that it has logged 5.2 million 5G devices on its network as of June 2023.  This milestone underscores the growing adoption and trust in Globe’s 5G technology among consumers.

“Our relentless pursuit of expanding 5G technology is a testament to Globe’s dedication to innovation and our commitment to our customers. We believe in the transformative power of 5G to enhance the digital lives of Filipinos,” said Joel Agustin, Globe SVP, Network Planning and Engineering.

“Our continuous infrastructure investment is focused on uplifting customer experience, delivering a highly consistent and available network. These investments cover capacity and coverage expansion to improve service performance, network fortification to further improve service availability, and continuous optimization to improve service quality,” he said.

5G, the latest evolution in mobile communication, offers quicker data transfer rates, expansive reach, and steadier connectivity. Globe is at the forefront of the testing and pilot of several 5G technologies, including 5G stand alone, end-to-end network slicing, and the private 5G stand alone network.

Globe’s commitment to infrastructure development is evident in its financial investments. In the first half of 2023, Globe channeled PHP37.7 billion into its capital expenditure, which represents a 25% reduction compared to the same time frame in the prior year, and this is anticipated to reach PHP71.5 billion or US$1.3 billion by the end of the year, a reduction of over 30% from 2022 levels. About 90% of these funds are earmarked to meet data demand as customers need increasing connectivity for work, school, leisure and day-to-day transactions.

As Globe continues its journey, it remains steadfast in its mission to provide unparalleled connectivity and digital solutions, ensuring that the Philippines is not left behind in the global 5G arena.