Guimaras’ corn harvest rises by 27.81 percent in Q1 2023

Corn cultivation varies by area, and its production cycle differs around the world.

In Guimaras it is influenced by the environment and topography of the province.

Latest agricultural statistics of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) indicated that the province produced 216 metric tons (MT) of corn in 2023, significantly higher by 27.81 percent against the 169-MT yield a year ago.

“Data also showed that the volume of corn production in Guimaras has been continuously increasing over the last three years. White corn production climbed by 11.90 percent, from 84 metric tons in Q1 2022 to 94 metric tons in Q1 2023, while the yellow corn, with a 43.53 percent increment, accounted for the bulk of the province’s overall corn yield,” Provincial Statistics Officer Nelida B. Losare, said.

“It jumped from 85 metric tons in Q1 2022 to 122 metric tons in Q1 2023,” Losare added.

Losare further said that yellow corn made up a significant portion of Guimaras’ overall corn production during the last three years.

“Yellow corn production comprised 77.05 percent of the total corn output in 2023. The remaining 22.95 percent came from the white corn,” she said.

The white and yellow corn farms in Guimaras province expanded by 81 hectares in the first quarter of 2023. Data showed that corn fields in the island have been consistently improving for three comparable quarters.

“The increase in Guimaras corn yield was due to the significant increment in yellow corn area harvested by 15 hectares from 23 hectares in 2021 to 38 hectares in 2023”, Losare said.

“Data also disclosed that the harvested cornfields expanded by 28.57% in just two years.”

Meanwhile, the white cornfields dominated the yellow cornfields, accounting for 53.08 percent of the provincial total, whereas the remaining yellow cornfields accounted for 46.92 percent.

“In the first quarter of 2023, white cornfields occupied 43 hectares of the total 81 hectares of harvested land, while yellow cornfields enclosed the remaining 38 hectares,” Losare said.