Hydroleap and Biocare Join Forces for Wastewater Innovation

Hydroleap, the Singapore-based water technology company, has partnered with Philippine company Biocare Health Resources Inc. to revolutionize wastewater treatment in the water-stressed regions of the Philippines.

The alliance aims to deploy Hydroleap’s advanced electrochemical solutions, marking a pivotal step in tackling the environmental challenges of water management in various industries within the country.

The collaboration will introduce CYCLEAN, ENVISOL’s chemical-free wastewater treatment system that complies with DENR Administrative Order of 2016-08, and promises to reduce environmental impact while aligning with local regulations.

“We are excited to partner with Biocare to bring our advanced patented technologies to the Philippines,” said Dr. Mohammad (Moh) Sherafatmand, Founder and CEO of Hydroleap. “Our intent is to leverage globally leading industry best practices in water and wastewater treatments to help alleviate the water stress in the country.”

Biocare, with its extensive reach across the Philippines, will help implement these solutions in key sectors, including healthcare and food and beverage establishments.

“At Biocare, we recognize the importance of responsible environmental stewardship,” expressed Alexander Horacio V. Crisostomo, President of Biocare Health Resources, Inc.

The partnership comes at a crucial time as the Philippines grapples with water scarcity and high disaster risk, underlining the need for sustainable water management solutions. For more information, interested parties can visit Hydroleap and Biocare’s respective websites.