Ilonggo Fashion Invasion: Designers Guild of Iloilo in Canada Runway

Text: Anne Karmela Eucogco

Photos: Runway Canada

Genuine Filipino artistry is but evident in handwoven textile products of the country. The complex process of its production is represented by intricate and fine design from one textile to another. This industry more regarded culturally as art had woven communities together and embedded rich historical stories of strength and resilience.

The display of the Filipino’s creative DNA in these handwoven textile such as hablon, piña and abacca were highlighted as the various collection of members of the Designers Guild of Iloilo (DGI) were featured during the launching of Runway Canada in Markham Convention Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada on October 5, 2019.

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The designers were Jaki Peñalosa, Aisha Penalosa, Hector Totong Gellangarin and Sidney Eculla. The collection pieces made out of proudly-Filipino textile – hablon being authentically Iloilo’s own – with featured designers of DGI epitomize the Ilonggo fashion artistry and versatility. The representation made by these designers in the context of Canadian fashion is an astounding Ilonggo feat in itself.