Ilonggo Rene Catalan delivers silver to PH in SEAG MMA

Catalan fails to hand the gold medal to the PH squad (

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

Ilonggo pride Rene Catalan suffered a beating in the hands of Indonesian foe Fajar, with a staggering 11 to 3 disparity in the gold medal finals match.

Fighting under the 57 kg men’s combat sambo event, Catalan tried to banner the PH squad with a banged-up body.

With not at a hundred percent, Catalan tried to condition himself and boost his confidence to bury and overcome the injuries he is currently enduring.

Meanwhile, Catalan’s teammates Mark Striegl and Chino Tancotian notched gold medals in the 82 and 74 kg events, respectively.

Despite the loss, Catalan is all heads up and wants nothing but a better ONE FC Championship outing and to finally fight for a title shot.