Internet technician killed in electrocution, 2 assistants hurt

BFP Passi photo

By Jennifer P. Rendon

An internet technician died from electrocution while repairing a service connection in Passi City, Iloilo late afternoon of March 11.

Jessie Calibar, 46, of Barangag Mambiranan Pequeño, Passi City, did not survive after sustaining “internal injuries,” the police said.

He also suffered wounds on his hands.

Luckily, his two assistants, aged 15 and 16 years old, have pulled through.

The boys are now in stable condition after suffering burns on their hands.

According to reports, the three victims were fixing a steel pipe post of an internet service provider when it fell.

The post hit the main line of Iloilo Electric Cooperative II.

The three were subsequently electrocuted and were rushed to Don Valerio Palmares Sr Memorial Hospital.

Calibar was declared dead on arrival.