Ivermectin takes center stage-6

By Modesto P. Sa-onoy

We continue with Dr. Villa’s letter to Dr. Salava, the most striking of it is that nobody died because of Ivermectin or anybody suffered from the IVM treatment. Are Filipinos less worthy of help?

Now she tackles vaccination which is touted as the salvific treatment and unmasked the vaccines fundamental deficiencies which are being kept from the public especially in the barangay level campaign of local governments.

“To me, vaccination is not the ultimate or is not the only answer to this pandemic. Not everybody can take the vaccine, not everybody can afford the vaccine. Not everybody has access to the vaccine.”

If this is true in the US how much more in the Philippines? And there are dangers attached to the vaccine as worldwide reports show.

She continues. “In the face of this rapid viral mutation, the vaccines will fall short in giving us the solution. It is already happening now!!!. For example, Astra Zeneca is 100% ineffective to the African variant, 10-15% (???), less effective to the Brazilian variant.

“From my perspective, IVERMECTIN has better chances of combating this mutation. It’s a very expensive proposition to keep on redesigning/reformulating the vaccine to overcome this mutation or giving vaccine boosters that you would not be able to keep up with. Only the well-to-do affluent countries, would be able to do this.

“We need to have good, acceptable, reasonable, accessible, available, and affordable therapeutics. I believe IVERMECTIN qualifies for this.

“Here in the US, we have coalitions of Doctors like FLCCC advocating the use of this agent (Ivermectin) for COVID (and) recommending it to become one of the first lines of therapy for COVID.

“I was also very impressed with the BIRD meta-analysis done of most IVM trials from all over the world. I believe Bill Gates is doing or initiating a worldwide trial on this medication to be funded by him.  I hope it pushes through.”

We do too as his first step in redemption.

“We have several hospitals here that IVM has been included in inpatient management both regular admit and in the ICU. Texas and Virginia are the 2 States for sure.

“One of our pulmonologists here in Florida, Dr. Rajter did the ICON study. The first study in the US was published in CHEST, our official pulmonary journal in October 2020. I had the privilege to communicate with him and he was very excited to do further studies.

“The study was done in-hospital with 280 patients enrolled. The result of the study was very promising, a mortality rate of 38% on IVM vs 80% non-IVM (severely ill patients).

“The position of NIH is neutral – they’re not against it neither recommend it. But I have a feeling that it is going to be approved soon.

“Currently, we are allowed to prescribe it as “OFF LABEL USE”. It is also covered by prescription insurance here.

“Lastly, I am all for sensible mask use and physical distancing. But very strict in my office. Mask is part of the outfit when you come to work.

“What do you think, what’s your position on IVERMECTIN?”

I was furnished a copy of Dr. Villa’s letter on March 29 but whether Salvana gave her the basic courtesy of a reply I don’t know. In the event Salvana does reply and I receive a copy I will share it with our readers with a commentary.

What is encouraging though is that there is an online campaign to get people to react and give their experiences. It calls itself, “Ivermectin Testimonies” and as of Monday, it posted a membership of 12,000, considering it was just created on February 5. I believe this number will grow as information says many people are now taking Ivermectin and even doctors take it as prophylaxes but do not prescribe it because government threatens their licenses would be canceled.

The Tulfo brothers are also on the warpath in their commentaries, directly and frankly challenging DOH and FDA and even doing more – demanding explanations and resignations in language only the Tulfo can conceive.

Because of the government’s obstinate attitude, people are taking matters into their own hands and these agencies and politicians who ally with these agencies will become irrelevant and suspect of criminal acts.