Kaya FC-Iloilo disposes of Archers

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

KAYA FC-Iloilo was in high-octane mode in its last game by dispatching old time foes Green Archers FC, 3-1.

The Iloilo squad seemed loose in the early minutes of the game, giving the possession away that turned into twin Archer offensive attempts.

Coach Noel Marcaida was seen standing in the sidelines, directing traffic to his disoriented team, which served as a wake-up call for the Iloilo squad.

Kaya FC then stepped on the gas pedal and tightened their defensive schemes, especially in the left flank where Archer Stephen Appiah dominated.

It took Kaya 28 minutes to score their first goal of the match courtesy of Kenshiro Daniels who converted a wonderful strike just inside the box.

Just 12 minutes after drawing first blood, Kaya FC followed up with another tally thanks to a beautiful corner delivery from Daniels to Simone Rota for a well-placed header.

After the half, Jayson Panhay joined the offensive frenzy as he single-handedly cruised past the Archers’ last line of defense, powering a strike that kissed through the opposing net.

Appiah was able to give the Archers their lone goal during the 52nd mark of the match.