Kaya FC-Iloilo takes home the 2022-2023 PFL championship title

Congratulations, Kaya FC-Iloilo! (KAYA Futbol Club Facebook)

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

The Kaya FC-Iloilo bagged its first-ever Philippines Football League (PFL) championship title after the Dynamic Herb Cebu FC failed to score a point against the Stallion Laguna FC.

With Dynamic Herb’s scoreless draw outing, Kaya FC remained the no.1 team in the standings, carrying a total of 52 points compared to Cebu’s 51.

Although Iloilo still had one remaining match against Stallion this coming Saturday, the Kaya FC’s place at the top spot will remain and will not be bothered by the results.

This is a historic title campaign for the Ilonggos after only settling for the second place in the last six years after the reign of Ceres Negros-FC now United City FC.

Despite losing three matches in the season, Kaya FC was able to bounce back and record several winning streaks to boost their points back at the top of the standings.

Their main nemesis, Cebu, once dealt them a loss in a tightly-contested showdown in the home pitch of Dynamic Herb.

Kaya FC wanted a payback and hosted Cebu on their own home pitch at the Iloilo Sports Complex but the clash ended in a draw.

After their draw against Cebu, Iloilo just steamrolled its way in the season and never lost a single match in nearly two months.

Kaya FC had several big wins in the season, including a demolition exhibition on Mendiola FC, 6-1, and a masterclass against Maharlika FC, 5-1.

Their biggest win of the season came last October 2022 when they crushed Mendiola, 7-0, which started their 4-0 winning streak before losing to Cebu.

Before their final match against Stallion on Saturday, Kaya FC just built a seven-game winning streak and one draw outing.