MMA fighter born without legs clinches win in professional debut fight

Zion Clark is looking to cement his name as the most unique MMA pro fighter after raking his first win (Zion Clark photo via

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

A Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) practitioner born without legs just shocked the whole world after winning his first fight in the professional scene.

Zion Clark, a man born with a rare disorder called caudal regression syndrome, stunned his opponent, Eugene Murray, during the Gladiator Challenge: Seasons Beatings held in San Diego.

Despite being at a disadvantage against Murray, Clark laid out all his cards and surprised his opponent with his various signature cage executions.

Clark immediately wowed the crowd in attendance after sizing up Murray while hitting him with a couple of jabs.

Every time Murray attempted to rush in and pounce on him, Clark always had an answer and countered with his jabs that were efficient in the whole fight.

Clark then decided to pull off a risky takedown midway through the first round and it paid off after completing his technique by grabbing Murray’s left leg.

After grabbing his left leg, Clark then pinned Murray’s right leg and scored the emphatic takedown to boost his points in the scorecards.

Clark wasn’t done doing damage and was able to take advantage with his top mount position, sending a flurry of hammer fists to Murray’s jaw.

His terrific offensive consistency helped him nab the unanimous three-round victory and is looking for more wins after taking down Murray.

Before taking center stage in his first MMA pro fight, Clark was already a sports sensation after holding three Guinness World Records.

He first set the record last 2021 for the fastest man to walk with two hands and followed it up in 2022 when he set a new record in diamond push-ups in three minutes.