Mom wants brod-in-law jailed for ‘raping’ daughter

By: Jomarie A. Billones

ROXAS CITY, Capiz – The mother of an 11-year-old girl wants her brother-in-law jailed for allegedly raping her daughter a few days ago.

Virginia said that she will file rape charges against Roger (not his real name), 38, a tricycle driver, who allegedly abused her daughter.

The mother went home from Manila, where she was working, upon learning of her daughter’s ordeal.

The victim claimed that her uncle-in-law assaulted her four times at her grandmother’s house in May 2019.

The girl was living with her grandmother as her mother worked in Metro Manila.

The rape took place on the second floor of the house, the victim told the police. The suspect warned her against reporting to the police or their relatives for her own safety. He later gave her P20.

But the victim told her grandmother anyway and they both reported the matter to the police last week.

According to Police Senior Master Sergeant Rose Olaveja of the Roxas City police station’s Women and Children Protection Desk, the girl underwent medical examination and the result confirmed that she was raped.

The suspect, upon learning that the girl had complained with the police, disappeared.

Nevertheless, Olaveja said four counts of rape charges were filed against Roger.