More than 5k Guimarasnons receive ePhilIDs in Q3 2023

Almost 6,000 Guimarasnons received the printable or digital version of the Philippine Identification (ePhilIDs) in the third quarter (Q3) of 2023, facilitated by the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)-Guimaras Provincial Statistical Office.

Guimaras surpassed the Q3 target of 4,740 ePhilIDs distribution (126.29 percent) with 5,986 ePhilIDs issued or delivered.

“The Step3 PhilSys Registration has adopted two (2) methods: mode 1, where the issuance of ePhilID is by appointment system, and the registered individual is the one who would claim his/her ePhilID in the Registration Center (RC), and mode 2, where printing and delivery took place,” Provincial Statistics Officer Nelida B. Losare said.

“The Central Office downloaded the PDF Format of printable ePhilIDs (password protected) to the Provincial Offices for printing and verification/validation in the Fixed Registration Center (RC), then the step 3 team is authorized to deliver the ePhilIDs in the scheduled barangay,” Losare added.

Based on the data, 549 of the 5,986 recipients earned their ePhilIDs through Mode 1, while 5,437 Guimarasnons obtained their ePhilIDs through mode 2.

Among the 5,986 ePhilIDs issuances and deliveries, 2,934 ePhilIDs were issued/delivered to Nueva Valencia, 2,713 ePhilIds in Sibunag, 339 to Jordan, and only one (1) dispersed to Buenavista.

The issuance and distribution of ePhilIDs formally began on October 3, 2022, in compliance with President Ferdinand Jr. Marcos’ command to print 50 million Philippine Identification (PhilIDs) by the end of 2022, with 30 million PVC and 20 million paper type, also known as printed ePhilIDs.

According to Losare, the ePhilID is a printable form of the PhilID that complements the continuing production of Physical PhilID.

She further explained that the printed ePhilID is a proactive PSA technique to allow enrolled users to instantly take advantage of the benefits of PhilID, such as faster and smoother transactions in accessing economic and societal safety services that need confirmation of identification, subject to authentication.

“The ePhilIDs have the same functionality and validity as the physical card, and it is free of charge. Even if they have already claimed their printed ePhilIDs, every registered person will still receive their physical card,” Losare explained.

Losare further stated that to obtain a printed ePhilID, an applicant must confirm the availability of their transaction number in the transaction slip provided after completing step 2 registration.

“Another mode is by appointment, wherein an applicant may set an appointment using the link to the nearest PhilSys Registration Center (RC) or via walk-in for printing,” Losare explained.