NOCPPO bares top 3 violations vs. women in 2023

BACOLOD City – The Negros Occidental Police Provincial Office (NOCPPO) said they have recorded 64 cases of violence committed against women,  making it the highest number of offenses involving women in 2023.

The figure is 1.53% lower compared to cases in 2022, which is 65. The cases fall under Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004, Police Executive Master Sergeant Helen Lapiceros of the provincial Women’s and Children Protection Desk, said.

Rape is second, with 36 cases reported this year, a drop of 7.69% compared to 39 cases in 2022.

Acts of lasciviousness rank third with 21 cases reflecting a 10.52% rise in 2022 which is 19 cases.

Lapiceros said the advocacy of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to end violence against women is a whole-year-round mission with the ultimate goal of empowering the women and the community.

Lapiceros said the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children identifies four elements consisting of psychological abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and economic abuse.

Psychological abuse is when a woman is publicly embarrassment or her important belongings are destroyed, she noted.

Sexual abuse refers to partners in intimate relations where a woman is forced into having sexual acts against her will even if she is not feeling well or for other similar reasons.

Lapiceros explained that marital rape applies to married couples who have been separated for some time but the man forces the woman to be intimate with him.

She said physical abuse is characterized by visible signs such as hematoma, injury, mutilation, and other afflictions that can be seen.

Economic abuse is depriving support to the woman even if the perpetrator is capable of doing it. According to Lapiceros, it is not the intention of the Republic Act 9262 to jail the husband, but he will be required to provide support if he can.

Lapiceros calls on women who feel they are abused to come out, take action, and report the matter to the authorities nearest them which is the Barangay Violence Against Women Desk.

“ Stand up, speak up, and don’t be ashamed. We deserve to live in a community free from abuse. We should stop the cycle of violence,” she said. (PIA-6 Negros Occidental/Photo: Sagay City PNP)