Novak Djokovic claims first US Open semis seat after sweeping Taylor Fritz

Novak Djokovic is moving on to the semifinals of the US Open (Clive Brunskill/Getty Images via

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

Novak Djokovic is the first player to book a semifinal ticket in the ongoing US Open after blanking American challenger Taylor Fritz- 6.1, 6.4, 6.4- last September 6, 2023, held at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York.

In an odd game highlighted by consecutive service breaks in the first two sets, it was the Serbian living legend who got the last laugh and cruised to a sweeping quarterfinal-round victory.

Djokovic kicked off the clash with a quick break-point to gain a commanding 2-0 lead but Fritz countered back with his own break to keep himself within striking distance.

However, that lone break point by Fritz became his only point in the first set as the Serbian powerhouse put on a hitting clinic to end the opening frame with a 4-0 burst.

It was the exact start in the second set as Fritz scored another early break point, answering every Djokovic baseline spin with his flat-stroke forehand bombs that put the crowd on their feet.

Just when Fritz thought he could maintain his pace and catch every ball placement that Djokovic threw, the Serbian superstar shifted gears at the perfect time and went beast mode to close out the set in emphatic fashion.

In an intense 19-shot baseline rally, Djokovic captured the momentum of the game after winning the grueling point while going up 2-0.

Fritz tried all that he could to level Djokovic’s focus in the third and final set but the man who won the most Grand Slam championship titles showed why he is on another level.

As Fritz targeted his backhand side, Djokovic countered by using his serve-and-volley technique that broke the American’s rhythm.

The convincing performance of Djokovic was capped off by 102 total points won in just three sets and 42 tallied receiving points.

With the win, Djokovic will be going up against another American Ben Shelton in the upcoming semifinal round of the US Open.