NuLab – fun, learnings, and fairness in STEM


Embarking on a STEM-exploration journey inside the yellow bus, the young Bataeños take the NuLab: STEM in Motion experience as one that they will never forget and one that they will forever be grateful for.

They see NuLab as a place where both fun and learnings perfectly blend in science, an extraordinary vehicle that brings science to life and engages young minds in the different scientific wonders and fascinations that surround life.

“The nulab experience was really fun and exciting. The [scientific] explanations were well done. It was truly engaging, and it’s definitely one experience that I will always remember,” said Gabriel Barbosa, Grade 10 student from Pagalanggang National High School.

But one thing that made their NuLab experience extremely unique and memorable was the feeling of equality and fairness that it has genuinely shown and brought them since day one.

“I learned that no matter how our status may be – rich or poor – we can have opportunities, such as those given by DOST, that will help us in getting a chance to realize our strengths, choose our desired courses, and reach our goals or successes in life,” said Gabriel.

Students of Bataan, like Gabriel, were the first student-visitors of NuLab this 2024.

Marking its first roadtrip of the year in the province, the Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute’s (DOST-SEI) NuLab mobile learning facility continues to spread the fun and wonder of learning science in Luzon, catering more than 300 high school students and 100 elementary students from 15 different public and private schools in various municipalities in the province, from January 29 to February 3, 2024.

During the five-day roadtrip, the students were immersed in modules about Marine Science, Weather Science, Data Science, Earth Science, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Among those who led the five modules were NuLab’s new lecturers Mr. JC Peralta and Ms. Ma. Rica Dungog.

Mr. Peralta, a DOST scholar from the Ateneo de Manila University, led the module on Data Science, providing the students with a foundational understanding of computer vision models and their real-world applications such as image recognition, object detection, and facial recognition.

Meanwhile, Ms. Dungog, a resident facilitator of DOST-SEI’s Climate Science Youth Camp yet a first-time lecturer of NuLab, led the module on Marine Science, introducing the natural phenomenon called “upwelling” and how it contributes substantially to productivity in the system of fisheries.

This roadtrip in Bataan also would not have been possible without the sessions of the resident STEM experts of NuLab: Mr. Robert Badrina who led the module on Weather Science; Mr. Warner Carag on Earth Science; and Mr. Angelo Samson Javier on IoT.

All the five modules centered on various introductory lessons related to the diverse fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) – great foundation topics to bolster their skills, knowledge, and understanding of STEM.

Through the assistance of DOST Provincial S&T Office – Bataan, the Department of Education (DepEd) – Bataan, and the host schools, this NuLab’s visit in the province truly has championed the DOST-SEI’s goal to empower the Filipino youth in the field of science and prove that science is for everyone – a space for those people who aim to make a change and create a positive difference.

NuLab’s weeklong roadtrip in Bataan went along with the conduct of DOST-SEI’s Push4Science: Maging DOST Scholar Ka Campaign, a perfect way to start the year right by pushing for science and reaching more deserving aspiring science scholars in various provinces.