Guimaras PPOC rallies for stronger measures to curb traffic accidents

In a concerted effort to mitigate the alarming rise of traffic accidents, the Provincial Government of Guimaras is advocating for a unified approach to enhance road safety.

This call to action was set into motion during the Provincial Peace and Order Council’s (PPOC) first quarterly meeting held on February 29, 2024, at the PDRRMC Conference Room in San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras.

The meeting, which was marked by a sense of urgency, led to the passing of two pivotal resolutions aimed at galvanizing all sectors of the community to tackle the issue head-on.

The Guimaras Provincial Police Office (GPPO) reported a worrying statistic: 279 traffic accidents across the province from January to December 2023. These incidents disproportionately affected the youth, with 137 victims aged between 18 and 30, and another 124 within the 31-40 age bracket.

Motorcycles were frequently involved in these accidents, and human error was identified as the predominant cause. The data painted a grim picture of the road safety challenges facing the region, particularly in the municipalities of Jordan, Buenavista, Nueva Valencia, San Lorenzo, and Sibunag.

In response, the PPOC has urged all municipalities to critically evaluate and amend their traffic ordinances, drawing on the insights provided by the accident data.

Furthermore, the Council has called upon the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to bolster its ranks by increasing the number of deputized personnel authorized to enforce traffic laws.

Police Lt. Col. Efren Lozada, Deputy Director for Administration of the Guimaras Provincial Police Office, highlighted the importance of data-driven policy making, noting that “the data can guide local officials in crafting policies that will address the rising cases of traffic accidents.”

The initiative also includes a strong educational component, with the local police underscoring the importance of increasing community awareness about traffic regulations.

Meanwhile, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG)-Guimaras Provincial Director Roselyn Quintana has echoed the necessity for more LTO deputized personnel, emphasizing that such reinforcements are critical to the stringent enforcement of traffic laws.

The Provincial Government’s proactive stance reflects a deep commitment to safeguarding its citizens.

Through collective effort and strategic policy implementation, Guimaras is determined to reverse the trend of traffic accidents and pave the way for safer roads, ultimately ensuring the well-being of its residents and the prosperity of the community.