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Lcid Fernandez is at the forefront of innovation. An award-winning entrepreneur and marketer, he serves on the Board of Directors of several corporations, but as the CEO of four companies: 

  1. Prometheus Enterprises, the only award-winning full-service marketing agency and public relations firm based in Western Visayas;
  2. WARP Technologies and Innovations, Western Visayas’ premier software solutions company, at the forefront of cutting-edge technology;
  3. 101 Food, a science-based fitness nutrition preparation service in the Philippines;
  4. the Promises Creative and Film Studios, a media production firm specializing in creatively detailing thematic and heartfelt celebrations. 

The only Ilonggo to ever win the Marketing Leader of the Year Award from the Marketing Excellence Awards Philippines and named the 2023 Most Innovative  Young Entrepreneur in the Ilonggo Entrepreneur Awards, Lcid continuously invests in young and creative visionaries to spur innovation across various industries.

Connect with him on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/lcidfernandez/). 

To learn more about Prometheus, visit www.prometheus.ph.


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