P900M set for Oct. 5 World Teachers’ Day Incentive Benefit

ABS-CBN News Photo

The 900,000 public school teachers employed by the Department of Education (DepEd) are all

set to receive their P1,000 World Teachers’ Day Incentive Benefit (WTDIB) on Oct. 5, Quezon

City Rep. Marvin Rillo, House appropriations committee member, said on Sunday.

“In the 2023 General Appropriations Law, Congress earmarked the amount of P900 million to

pay for the WTDIB in the amount of P1,000 per teacher on Oct. 5,” Rillo said.

“We, in Congress, are totally committed to provide the annual appropriations required to pay

for the WTDIB of our teachers,” Rillo said.

“In fact, in the 2024 national budget that the House approved last week, we’ve set aside

another P912 million to pay for the WTDIB of our teachers next year,” Rillo said.

Public school teachers first enjoyed the WTDIB four years ago, when Congress inserted the

incentive benefit as an item in the General Appropriations Law of 2019 with an initial funding of

P800 million.

World Teachers’ Day is an international day declared by the United Nations Educational,

Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

It is held annually on October 5 to celebrate the work of teachers and their crucial role in the

development of children and adolescents.

Here at home, Republic Act No. 10743 also declared Oct. 5 of every year as National Teachers’

Day to pay tribute to those engaged in the teaching profession.

Meanwhile, Rillo pressed for the passage of House Bill No. 203, which seeks to increase by 36

percent the starting pay of public school teachers.

Under the bill that Rillo co-authored, the entry-level monthly pay of public school teachers

would be bumped up to P36,619 (Salary Grade 15).

At present, the starting monthly pay of DepEd teachers is pegged at P27,000 (Salary Grade 11).

HB 203 also seeks to fix at P16,000 the minimum monthly pay of all non-teaching personnel

employed by DepEd.