Padyak Kalikasan: Cycle Your Way to a Greener Future!

Padyak Kalikasan, a much-anticipated cycling event, brought to life the lush greenery of Leganes Integrated Katunggan Ecopark (LIKE) in Leganes, Iloilo on June 25, 2023. It is part of the Philippine Environment Month 2023 with a theme: “No to Waste: Advancing Circular Economy to #beatplasticpollution” with the goal of safeguarding and preserving this natural sanctuary.

A total of one hundred (100) participants, to include participants from the DENR Region 6 led by the Chief, Regional Strategic Communication and Initiatives Group (RSCIG) Artemio Salvador C. Colacion, and different bikers’ organizations including Abyan, Iloilo Siklistas, WaayBayaay Bikers, and OBC-Maanyag, planted a total of one hundred (100) Bungalon propagules (Avicennia marina).

The picturesque LIKE provided the ideal setting for this meaningful event, as participants enthusiastically engaged in various environmental conservation projects, to promote a sense of responsibility for nature and the critical need for its preservation.

It was participated with cyclists of all ages and backgrounds, where they eagerly plunged into the dirt, armed with shovels and seedlings, to plant mangrove trees that will contribute to the park’s ecological balance. This act of environmental goodwill will serve as a reminder of the important role that each individual can play in protecting the environment.

“This Padyak Kalikasan 2023 is a venue for us to have a healthy body and healthy environment. It is time for us to give back to our Earth things we needed and planting trees or mangrove is just one of the many activities we could do,” said Regional Director Livino B. Duran said.

“The DENR Region 6 is glad and thankful to those who participated in our Padyak Kalikasan 2023. We have participants from the younger and older generations a visible proof that environmental protection is not just for us but for the future generations,” said Chief, RSCIG Colacion.

Representing Leganes Municipal Mayor Vicente P. Jaen, II, Municipal Administrator David Israel Sinay appreciated the help of the DENR and other environmental partners in making the once open area into a beautiful mangrove eco-park.

“We are all part of this progress of LIKE. And us in the LGU we are trying our best to maintain this area in partnership with the coastal barangays,” Sinay said.

“Because without your support their will be no Katunggan Eco-Park in Leganes,” he added.

Leganes Municipal ENR Officer Wilson Batislaon also acknowledge the National Greening Program (NGP) of the DENR that was a big help to achieve what the LIKE had right now –lush green mangroves, livelihood for the community, and a clean environment.

Over the course of Environment Month 2023, a lot of cleanup projects, educational seminars, and campaigns to promote ecological living practices were held. (DENR-6)