PSA Aklan surpasses ePhilID distribution target

A hired PhilSys staff of PSA Aklan distributes ePhilID to the owner in one of the barangays in Madalag, Aklan.

KALIBO, Aklan – The Philippine Statistics Authority Aklan has exceeded its goal of distributing ePhilIDs to concerned individuals after delivering a total of 175,439 copies, or 102% of 171,875 targets as of end-December 2022.

The said figure is the share of the province to the nationwide 50 million targets of the office of PhilID distribution by the end of 2022 following the directive of President Ferdinand Marcos.

The ePhilIDs is the digital version of the Philippine Identification card printed on a piece of paper which contains similar functionality and validity as the plastic cards.

According to Engr. Antonet Catubuan, head of PSA-Aklan, this milestone is remarkable because it indicates the readiness of the people in conducting a seamless transaction in accessing financial and social protection services in the government that requires proof of identity.

“We highly attribute this unprecedented accomplishment to the collaborative efforts of our personnel, guidance of the management, and support of the community that we were able to overcome the many setbacks in delivering these printable cards to respective owners in due time,” Engr. Catubuan said.

The production of ePhilID is part of the PSA’s initiative in addressing the need of every Filipino and resident alien to use the PhilSys as valid proof of one’s identity and age.

The ePhilID has a unique digital signature through its QR code that can be used for authentication which contains the ID holder’s demographic information and facial photo as an added layer of security.

Despite this ePhilID, the PSA assures the people that they can still avail of the plastic card once the production is done by the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas and will be delivered by the Philippine Postal Corp to the registrant’s specific address.

Meanwhile, PSA urged government offices and private firms to honor and accept the ePhilID as sufficient proof of identity and age for all transactions to avoid legal sanctions.