By Joshua Adrian Aristoza

Here’s my Unicorn Funko Pop custom! This was built out of a DIY Funko Pop blank base body; I sculpted everything on the Pop. Since the base has a strongman pose to it, I wanted a new pose that fit the reference better. So I took off the head of the base Pop first, and then cut off the arms and legs leaving a good base body to sculpt on. I then shaved everything down to make it a bit thinner, then made a wire armature to make the new arms and legs sturdier.

After sculpting the new base body, I added all the details you can see on the Pop. From the sculpted folds of the onesie, to the unicorn slippers, unicorn head over the face of the Pop, the hair coming out of the head, and the unicorn’s mane and tail. I also used some styrene sheets to make the glasses, with a clear plastic sheet for the lenses