Report highlights need for better mental health in PH workplaces

According to the Department of Health (DOH), mental illness is becoming a common disability, with 3.6 million Filipinos suffering from mental, neurological and substance use disorder.

As organizations dealt with the complexities of hybrid work and digital advances, the need to further prioritize employee well-being became more crucial for ensuring a healthier and more productive workforce.

A recent report entitled ‘Hiring, Compensation, and Benefits 2024’ by Jobstreet by SEEK revealed that 71% of the hirers surveyed rated their workplace as ‘moderately stressful’, while 18% fell into the high-stress category. Only 11% rated being in a low-stress environment.

The leading talent and career platform encourages hirers to also prioritize employees’ mental health, recognizing that addressing these challenges is not only a duty to employees but also a strategic investment in the success and sustainability of the organization. Companies particularly in the high-stress zone may need to implement effective measures to provide support and address the well-being of their employees, acknowledging the need for a healthier work environment.

Topping the causes of employee stress are heavy workload at 36% and high pressure from management or fast-paced environment at 28%. Other hirers also included lack of appreciation, low pay, and long working hours, among others. These were mostly experienced by employees who work in companies in the high-stress zone.

While some companies have recently been implementing employee well-being initiatives, Jobstreet by SEEK highlighted that the need for employers to do more to help their workforce is evident.

According to the same report, only 58% of hirers indicate that their organizations are doing enough to help employees deal with stress at the workplace. Still, 62% of organizations expressed that they’ve started new initiatives in the past year to help their employees, such as mental health day off and wellness counseling.

In light of this, Jobstreet by SEEK encourages companies to enhance efforts to boost employee morale and provide ample support for employees in navigating stressful situations. Hirers are advised to consider implementing regular wellness talks and activities as well as employee assistance programs which can significantly contribute to creating a collectively supportive and healthier work environment.

“We believe in the importance of prioritizing employee mental health and well-being as a strategic investment in organizational resilience and productivity. At Jobstreet by SEEK, we are committed to being a reliable partner for hirers in nurturing and retaining top talents, fostering a workplace culture focused on employee welfare, continuous growth, and sustainable success,” shares Dannah Majarocon, Managing Director, Philippines, Jobstreet by SEEK.

To explore further insights into the hiring trends and the state of workplace mental health in the Philippines, you can read the full report here: (