Sen. Marcos pushes for fixed terms for barangay officials

(From left) Cadiz City Mayor Salvador Escalante, Senator Imee Marcos, Manapla Mayor Manolet Escalante, and Sagay City Mayor Rafael Cueva. (Dolly Yasa photo)

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD CITY—Senator Imee Marcos is advocating for fixed terms for barangay officials to reduce election expenses and lessen the burden on the officials.

The senator visited Thursday, leading the distribution of Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) to beneficiaries in Sagay City, Cadiz City, and Manapla town in the province’s second district.

She also held a consultation with barangay officials from the three localities regarding the fixed term of office proposal.

“I am thinking of passing a bill to fix the terms of barangay officials. The repeated extensions are tiring for them and will also reduce election expenses,” she told reporters during a press conference in Cadiz City.

Marcos stated that election expenses currently amount to P18-P20 billion.

Regarding the rising rice prices, Marcos noted that importation has become an option. “As long as there is P29 per kilo of rice in the government’s Kadiwa stores, the public should take advantage of it. However, sustaining this will be difficult,” she said.

“This is merely temporary. The problem is that selling prices are low now, but with the end of the harvest season and the onset of the rainy season, it will be hard to sustain. This is why importation has become an option,” Marcos added.

However, she lamented that even imported rice has become expensive. “We are in the process of amending the rice tariffication law in the Senate because we need to find ways to bring prices down, and I think the entire value chain needs to be overhauled,” she said.

On the Senate leadership change, Marcos mentioned that they are trying to sustain the momentum started by former Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri. She revealed that she came from Mindanao last Monday, learned about the developments, and cast her vote to resolve the situation quickly to avoid any disruption in the Senate’s work.

Meanwhile, Marcos expressed confidence that her brother, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., will soon sign the Negros Island Region bill. “There is no date yet, but I don’t believe there is a problem,” she said.

Senator Marcos distributed a total of P7.5 million in financial aid to sugar workers: P3 million for Cadiz City, P3 million for Sagay City, and P1.5 million for Manapla town.


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