Stabbing suspect bites off cop’s finger

Not the actual photo (shutterstock)

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A stabbing suspect bit off a portion of a policeman’s right middle finger evening of Nov. 25 inside the Lambunao Municipal Police Station in Lambunao, Iloilo.

Patrolman Gilbert Ajeno, 26, was taken to the Dr. Ricardo Y. Ladrido Memorial Hospital in Lambunao town after his right hand finger’s distal phalanx was cut.

Major Jogen Suegay, Lambunao police chief, said that the cut part of Ajeno’s finger was no longer reattached.

“But he’s already out of confinement,” he said on Monday.

It was gathered that the suspect, alias Jepoy, 32, of Barangay Natividad, Lambunao, was arrested shortly before the biting episode happened.

Jepoy allegedly stabbed someone in a community dance to celebrate the victory of the newly-elected barangay officials of Natividad.

The suspect was still drunk when cops detained him at the Lambunao MPS around 10:45 p.m. Saturday.

Suegay said that as policemen were about to place Jepoy behind bars, he acted unruly and grabbed Ajeno’s hand.

The suspect was subsequently placed inside the detention cell where he also destroyed the toilet bowl and faucet.

Aside from the frustrated homicide case, Jepoy would also be charged with serious physical injury and assault upon an agent of person in authority.