Sugar Council supports PSMA inventory claim

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD CITY – The Sugar Council backs the Philippine Sugar Millers Association (PSMA) declaration that the country has enough sugar inventory to last beyond the end of the crop year, dismissing the need for immediate sugar importation.

The Sugar Council is a coalition of three sugarcane producer federations—CONFED, NFSP, and PANAYFED—accounting for 67% of affiliated sugar production.

Collectively, mills under PSMA produce over 65% of the country’s sugar.

A news report indicated that as of May 12, the country produced more raw and refined sugar than the previous year. Inventory levels have increased by 26% for raw sugar and 35% for refined sugar.

This includes over 135,000 tons, or 2.7 million bags, of imported refined sugar from last year that have yet to be used.

The Sugar Council is concerned by reports that withdrawals for imported refined sugar rose by 16%, while withdrawals for locally refined sugar dropped by over 7%.

Since locally refined sugar is derived from local farmers’ raw sugar, the demand for raw sugar also fell by over 4%, disadvantaging local farmers.

These numbers suggest imported refined sugar is being prioritized over locally refined sugar.

While the Sugar Council acknowledges that sugar importation is necessary to stabilize retail prices during the off-milling season, it advocates for a calibrated and transparent importation program to ensure local sugar is not neglected.


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