Support for the Ati Tribe of Boracay Amidst Land Ownership Dispute

Philippine Misereor Partnership, Inc. expresses deep concern over the recent events surrounding the Ati tribe members of Boracay.

According to reports, on the morning of March 24, the peaceful life of the Ati community was disrupted by security guards installing galvanized iron sheets on their land, citing a resolution from the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) that revoked their Certificates of Land Ownership Award (CLOA).

PMPI hereby condemns the blatant disrespect and dehumanizing actions committed by DAR and its security guards toward the Ati community.

We stand in solidarity with the Ati tribe, the original settlers of Boracay, who have been unjustly disturbed and whose ancestral land rights are being challenged. How the resolution has been enforced—without proper notification and through means that have trapped children and caused distress in the community—is unacceptable.

We condemn the actions of the DAR in revoking the CLOAs without due process and proper communication. The lack of transparency and the disregard for the welfare of the Ati people is a violation of their rights and dignity.

The Ati tribe has a legitimate ancestral claim to the land, a fact that was recognized by the government when the land was officially granted to them in 2018. The tribe values and protects this land, not only for themselves but for the heritage and history it represents.

We urge the present administration to uphold and respect the rights of the Ati tribe. The government must honor its commitments and support the indigenous people, who are the true stewards of the land.

We call for a fair and just resolution to this dispute, one that respects the rights of the Ati tribe and ensures the continued guardianship of their ancestral land.