‘Sustainable tourism practices vital for industry to thrive’

Negros Occidental governor Eugenio Jose Lacson at the opening of the Tourism Week celebration. Richard Malihan/ capitol PIO photo

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – Negros Occidental governor Eugenio Jose Lacson said sustainable tourism practices are important to ensure that the industry can thrive and continue to provide economic benefits to the local community for generations to come.

The governor issued this statement during the weekend at the opening ceremony of the Tourism Week celebration of the provincial government.

He said that “every year, we celebrate the Negros Occidental Tourism Week to recognize the importance of tourism and the travel sectors.”

“We are recognizing the impact of the tourism industry, particularly on our local economy and communities,” he added.

This year, Lacson said that the provincial government is adopting the theme of the United Nations World Tourism Organization – World Tourism Day, which states “Tourism and Green Investments” which gives emphasis on the importance of sustainable tourism practices and ecologically sound investments in the tourism sector.

He stressed that the tourism industry is an integral part of the global economy, and it has significantly increased its economic contribution by generating huge amounts of revenue.

“We are grateful to our tourism stakeholders, our partners, the private sector, non-government organizations, and government agencies, for joining us in taking the challenge to take on innovative solutions to promote economic growth and activity while keeping in mind environmental sustainability,” he added.

He also reiterated that “sustainable tourism practices are important to ensure that the tourism industry can thrive and continue to provide economic benefits to the local community for generations to come.”

Lacson further said, “It is essential to ensure that the environment and local culture are protected and preserved.”

He added that sustainable tourism initiatives can help to reduce the environmental impact of tourism activities by reducing waste, promoting the efficient use of energy and water, and using local produce and materials.

Investing in ecologically sound tourism is an important concept for a sustainable future, the governor further said.

He pointed out that “It means investing in tourism activities that are designed to reduce any negative environmental impacts while protecting natural resources and promoting the well-being of local communities.”

Lacson also acknowledged what he said is the vital contributions of the Local Government Units, as well as the dedication of all tourism officers and workers from all LGUs of the province.

“Let us continue to work together in implementing the Provincial Government’s strong commitment to promote tourism as an engine of socio-economic growth and cultural affirmation, aligned with the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility,” he added.