Tennyson releases captivating new single ‘FEELWITCHU’

Photo Credits: Scott Pilgrim

Tennyson (aka Luke Pretty) has unveiled the third single from his forthcoming debut album ‘Rot’. Following the arresting lead single “Iron” and melancholic follow up “Slow Dance”, “Feelwitchu” sees Luke’s production at its most animated in the album, with glitched out beats and broken drum fills speckling the three minute track. It reflects a myriad of turbulent emotions felt when one goes through a breakup/falling out. It’s almost impossible to silence even as you tell yourself “Don’t think about it too much”.

Written during a period of distress, after developing a sudden hearing condition brought on by mold exposure, ‘Rot’ is a musical diary of a brain gone sideways; the soundtrack of a young artist on the brink of his own disaster. As an escape from these troubles, Luke found solace in what he knew best. He wrote songs on his computer, more to keep his hands busy than thoughtful expression.

I was working on these tiny little speakers and making what I thought was garbage,” Luke recalls as he moved back into his newly renovated room and listened back to the music, the melodies made him cry. “It sounded like what I went through,” he elaborates.

The completion of ‘Rot’ then marks a metaphorical and artistic milestone for Luke. “I’m starting to get more of a sense of what my skill set is,” he says, “Somehow, I’ve gotten a pretty strong handle on controlling sound in a very specific

way. I don’t think it’s genius or sparks or something. I think I’m just looking at the right things by luck.

Throughout the album’s 12 tracks Luke refines the signature Tennyson sound, making his flurried beats come into focus and his already riveting hooks catchier. This is also the first project in which Luke lends his voice to almost every song, with the exception coming from a feature with singer-songwriter Rae Morris on the pained but heartfelt “Slow Dance”. Dramatic dynamics and emotional weight are the driving force of ‘Rot’, making for pop music fit for misfits.

Set for release on February 18th on Counter Records, ‘Rot’ arrives three years after critically acclaimed EPs ‘Different Water’ and ‘Telescope’ from 2019. Tennyson has cemented their global status in indie electronic over the past decade, headlining multiple tours throughout the world, which included Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Tennyson has over 60 million streams on Spotify alone, alongside key press coverage from the likes of The Guardian, NPR, Vogue, Complex and  Billboard.