The tale of two smiles

By Francis Allan L. Angelo

In the town of Generica, nestled between the rolling hills of tradition and the sparkling rivers of modernity, the stage is set for a political theater that could rival the greatest of Shakespearean dramas.

Lo and behold, the tale of the Great Election Race, where the concept of ‘new blood’ is as foreign as a snowflake in summer.

Once upon a recent time, as sure as the sun rises, the noble House of Holdfast announced that its scion, the smile-wielding Dame Smiley, would once again grace the ballot. “100 percent!” cried the town crier, whose own lineage had long been intertwined with the venerable House.

Now, Dame Smiley had been on a two-tour crusade through the boroughs, leaving behind a trail of handshakes and baby kisses, all while her coffers grew heavy with the spoils of political tenure. Her organization, vast and well-oiled, spread like the roots of the ancient Generican Oak.

Yet, whispers fluttered on the wind like mischievous sprites: the up-and-coming Lady Next-In-Line, born of the equally formidable House of Perpetuity, was poised to bring her fresh parchment degree and economics alchemy to the race. She, accompanied by the Good Squire Outreach, had been courting the people with promises of progress and community merrymaking.

The noble patriarch of House Perpetuity, a silver-tongued orator of considerable charm, had already sung his daughter’s praises to the heavens. “100 percent of the borough leaders stand behind her!” he declared, while the townsfolk nodded, for in Generica, a patriarch’s word is often taken as gospel.

A humble observer, known for her wise years and penchant for straight talk, mused, “Dame Smiley may have the charisma of a thousand bards, but Lady Next-In-Line, she’s got something new, though her smile might need a bit of thawing.”

The chessboard was set, each House moving its pieces with precision. The question loomed like the Great Generican Fog: Would Dame Smiley defy the tacit expectations of the powers that be, or would she bow gracefully, paving the cobbled streets for Lady Next-In-Line?

As Generica watches with bated breath, the echo of an old proverb rings true: it ain’t over until the rotund songstress offers her melodious conclusion. The electorate, a collective of jesters and sages, peasants, and knights, waits to cast their runes. Will they follow the familiar path laid by their forebears, or will they carve a new trail in the Generican wilderness?

Thus, the saga of Generica continues, a tale of power, legacy, and the endless dance between maintaining the status quo and the quixotic quest for change.


Statement from the Iloilo Media-Citizen Council on the Incident Involving a vlogger and an XFM Radyo Patrol Iloilo Reporter

The Iloilo Media-Citizen Council strongly condemns the harsh and unbecoming statements made by a vlogger towards Jill Caceres, a reporter of XFM Radyo Patrol Iloilo. The vlogger’s actions, which include calling the reporter “stupid,” “ugly,” and “inept,” as well as making inappropriate allusions to her private parts, are not only unprofessional but also constitute a form of harassment.

The derogatory video was posted on Ilonggo Langga FB page. Latest information we received indicated that the woman attacking Ms. Caceres is called “Bugris” or “Lady Bugris.” Regardless of her name, background, or origin, her actuations and words are uncalled for and indecent.

We believe that if the vlogger, who is now believed to be based in the Middle East, has concerns regarding the reporter’s coverage of a man wearing a placard indicating he is a robber or a thief, the appropriate course of action would be to file a complaint with the radio station or the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas, which has regulatory authority over radio stations. Resorting to gaslighting and personal attacks will not resolve the issue and will only lead to further acrimony and potential threats against the reporter. Moreover, the vlogger’s actions may also result in legal consequences for herself.

It is important to note that the vlogger’s behavior appears to be hypocritical, as she is guilty of the same offenses she has accused the XFM reporter of committing. We urge all media professionals to maintain a high level of integrity and professionalism in their work, refraining from engaging in personal attacks or harassment.

Furthermore, we appeal to all media workers to exercise caution and thoughtfulness in their coverage, particularly in situations where the subject may be exposed to ridicule or harassment, even if they have not yet been proven guilty in a court of law. It is our duty as media professionals to uphold the principles of fairness, accuracy, and respect for human dignity in our reporting.

The Iloilo Media-Citizen Council stands in solidarity with the XFM Radyo Patrol Iloilo reporter and all media workers who face harassment and personal attacks in the course of their work. We call on the media community and the public to engage in respectful dialogue and to work together to maintain the highest standards of journalism.


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