Three ATVs boost MassKara mobile patrol security

Bacolod City officials led by Mayor Alfredo “Albee” Benitez (3rd from right), along with Councilors Jude Thaddeus Sayson (2nd from left), and Al Victor Espino (3rd from left) recently turn over three All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) to Police Colonel Noel Aliño (2nd from right), director of Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) at the Bacolod City Government Center. (Photo courtesy of BCPO)

By Glazyl Y. Masculino

BACOLOD City – The local government here has turned over All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) to the Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) aimed at enhancing their mobile patrol capabilities during this year’s Maskarra Festival celebration.

Police Colonel Noel Aliño, BCPO director, said the ATVs have already been deployed to provide efficient and agile transportation for police officers, ensuring effective crowd control, public safety, and crime prevention during the festival.

The BCPO will determine the strategic deployment of the ATVs based on crowd size, event schedule, and specific policing requirements, coordinating their efforts with festival organizers and other relevant stakeholders.

The use of ATVs will allow police officers to swiftly navigate through crowds and reach areas that are inaccessible to conventional patrol vehicles.

It can also improve the response time and mobility of the BCPO during the festivity, considering that the festival attracts a large number of participants and spectators.

It can also be used to enhance the visibility of law enforcement personnel, acting as a deterrent to potential criminal activities and ensuring a stronger police presence throughout the festival.

The BCPO will provide specialized training to designated police officers who will operate the ATVs. This training includes safe handling, driving techniques, and emergency procedures specific to ATVs.

A continuous monitoring and evaluation of the ATV program’s effectiveness during the festival will be conducted, according to the BCPO.

This will involve analyzing response times, efficiency of patrols, incidents prevented, and feedback from festival-goers and law enforcement personnel. Adjustments or improvements to the program can be made based on the evaluation results.