Upgraded Bacolod North Road increases mobility of people, goods and services

Portion of Bacolod North Road in Manapla town and Cadiz City was upgraded from concrete to asphalt for a better travel experience. (Photo courtesy of DPWH-Negros Occidental 1st DEO)

Improved mobility of people, goods and services along Bacolod North Road is ensured with the upgraded road delivered by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

DPWH-Negros Occidental 1st District Engineering Office has completed the preventive maintenance project along Bacolod North Road in Cadiz City and Manapla town. The ₱48.7-million project involves asphalt overlaying of the 2-kilometer, 4-lane concrete road.

It also includes re-blocking of intermittent Portland Concrete Cement Pavement (PCCP) and installation of reflectorized thermoplastic pavement markings for the safety of motorists and road users.

DPWH 6 OIC-Regional Director Sanny Boy O. Oropel said asphalt road surfaces offer many benefits, including cost efficiency, reduction in noise pollution and comfort, benefiting road users and the environment.

“Overlaying the road with asphalt will improve pavement serviceability, offer high skid resistance, and provide contrast in color between asphalt pavement and road markers, making a better visibility in any weather condition, ensuring the safety of all road users,” OIC-RD Sanny Boy O. Oropel said.

“Other than a convenient and safer travel experience, asphalt road will also facilitate faster transport of goods and services that would help improve economic condition in the area,” RD Oropel added.

Oropel further said the asphalt road is cost-efficient.  Asphalt contains a lot of bitumen, and reheating and reusing it is simple, thus reclaimed asphalt produces considerable savings, especially if the transportation distances of the reclaimed old asphalt are reasonably short.

Meantime, OIC-District Engineer Dene B. Baldonado, Jr. said the standard preventive maintenance activities of the Department will prevent deterioration and extend the life span of national roads.

“Asphalt road provides a smooth transportation of goods and products, delivery of basic social, health, education, and other necessary government services for the continuous and sustainable socio-economic growth and improvement in the area,” OIC-DE Dene B. Baldonado, Jr. said.

“Preventive maintenance project is one way to ensure that our commuters and road users can experience faster, safer, and more comfortable road travel while contributing to the socio-economic development in the area,” DE Baldonado added.

DPWH continues to undertake significant road upgrading projects to ensure faster and more convenient transportation and easy access to basic government services. (DPWH-6)


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