Wise up China, Russia 

By Reni M. Valenzuela

“The map is not the territory.” – Alfred Korzybski 

China and Russia can have and keep their respective maps with all their might. In the case of China, it is its map of the entire West Philippines Sea, but not the Sea itself because no Philippine territory is owned by any foreign country.

In China’s nine-line map, the Chinese officials are free to do all the aggressions and bullying they want to do and no nation will protest, not even the Philippines. They can build as many illegal structures there as they want and our government will not file for sure a single note verbale because Filipinos respect China’s dignity and recognize its ownership of the “nine-dash line” map.

Furthermore, there is no need for the Philippine government (in such an instance) to assert the ruling of the Arbitral Court that found out the truth just as there is no more need for the Armed Forces of the Philippines to prepare for the defense of our maritime territory against China.

And what about the Philippines continually expecting the promised support/backing of big, developed nations like the  United States, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, the entire European Union and many other thinking nations for any eventuality – in defense of what belongs to Filipinos in the disputed sea? By the way, China’s nine-line is stranger than fiction according to world experts.

Are you willing/ready and capable to go to war with the world, dear China? German Chancellor/dictator Adolf Hitler invaded Poland in 1939 which triggered the World War 2, yet Hitler was the one who ended up invaded by hell as he ultimately committed suicide in 1945, out of frustration and desperation, or guilt. Aside from many other lesser crimes against humanity that evil Hitler committed, he massacred over 6 million Jews at the altar of his selfish/narcissistic ambition. Unforgivable.

Pray that Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin would take a cue from Hitler’s colossal blunder – vis-a-vis the West Philippine Sea, Ukraine and Taiwan.

I read somewhere in the internet two years ago about a superpower nation in the West that has advanced scientifically and technologically in ways unprecedented and unparalleled in the matter of military might.  Shortly after I finished reading the said science article, I was led to ask: What nation could be more powerful than this nation which has the knack/capability, an unseen weaponry or “mechanism” in its space to detect and redirect at the same time any kind of nuclear bomb/arsenal launched against it – back to its point of origin?

Watch out and wise up, China, Russia (and North Korea)! Learn from world history before it’s too late. Wouldn’t you behave and allow sanity, civility, reason and peace to prevail? What seems to be so difficult about the act when it won’t even cost you a dime or a single, precious human life to do it?

Remember, good always triumphs over bad.


Happy 7th Anniversary (Philippines!), re – the ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration that validated/asserted our sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea.

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