WPS: the writing on the wall

By Reni M. Valenzuela

There they go again, and their water cannons.

China’s bullheadedness and its worsening blitzcrieg/aggressions in the West Philippine Sea get the country closer and closer to a full-blown war. It has become a life and death issue not just for our coast guards and fishermen, but for the whole country, most critically – on account of rascal China. Yet the Judases in issue appear to be more wretched than the biblical Judas.

Questions: Why allow the bullying? What has the excessive, futile 443 diplomatic protests/note verbale done to solve the problem? Why do we let a few Filipinos (or “Filipinos”) talk publicly as though they are mercenaries for China? How come they are able to defend China until now like they are more Chinese than the Chinese? Why love China (or silver) by hating the motherland (or Christ)? Iscariot. Patriotism or treason?

These pundits are doing great disservice (insanely) to the country, acting as friends to a nation that acts openly as an enemy to the Philippines and all of us. Will the government and private authorities do something about this? And what about the media that provides a venue for them to voice out their venoms, lies and treacherous, treasonous opinions that mislead even further the Chinese leaders? Why indeed when nobody reads them except the enemies and the blind?

This is not free-press or democracy. This is free-fall or crazy.

A writing on the wall is right in front of us, dear countrymen. And it behooves real Filipinos, to get their acts together not just to censure and rebuke (or “defrock”) these bigots, but to assert as well and defend what is ours, with all our might and prayers. Moreover, why create a hullabaloo out of a former president’s misbehavior (e.g. visiting Xi Jinping), vis-a-vis the WPS issue; whose  administration clearly, callously and deplorably worsened the problem? Simply ignore and do right this time – your time.

It is good that BBM and the three branches of our government with him are right on track with the crisis. But note this, Mr. President: Contrary to what you normally say every time China does something wrong, there are no “gray areas” in what they have been doing. And there is nothing anymore for the Chinese officials to “clarify” to you about their bad actuations and intentions in the West Philippine Sea. Everything is laid bare.

Senate President Migz Zubiri blew the proverbial horn (wisely, timely) such that he sounded like the prophet Daniel to King Belshazzar when he said, “Boycott the Chinese products and companies.”

A known Chinese business leader (and columnist) in the country emailed me over a month ago to react to one of my published articles about the WPS and China. He challenged this small, humble writer for a public debate.  I immediately consented to the challenge right upon reading his email. But I haven’t heard from him since then.

Truth be told, the long and short of it all (sans debates), vis-a-vis the West Philippine Sea, is about sanity and uprightness on the part of China (solely) – plain and simple.

Play fair.