Adrian Pe

Back in college, I didn’t think I would be getting the best of two wonderful worlds. I was just an aspiring student-nurse then, wondering how I could express my passion for art in a place devoid of it. Like a plant in its early stages of its life, my creative roots found nourishment in being nominated as an art coordinator for school events and doing design requests from my classmates for special occasions. Doing fashion design professionally was still a far-away dream then. I stepped out of my comfort zone when I found my niche working as a nurse specializing in Cardiothoracic surgeries. Being in the medical field, colleagues saw my potential in designing dresses and I started getting clients. My only competition is with myself and how I juggle my time having a regular hospital duty, go fabric shopping, meeting clients for measurements and fittings, doing hair and makeup services and reviewing for upcoming exams. Dressing countless brides has been a bigger joy compared to handling delicate instruments in the OR. If anything, the latter is quite similar to doing intricate beadwork and embellishments. My career was a steady uphill climb, it was not easy but I did what I loved.

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Adrian Pe is a graduate of BSN WVSU, class 2012. He is a full-time Nurse specializing in Cardiovascular surgeries for 7 years now; but, it has not stopped him pursuing his career in the fashion industry. One of his biggest breaks in the fashion industry is showing off his collection for Iloilo Designer’s Week 2017 along with esteemed designers of Iloilo. He has also been transforming Hospital waste into wearable masterpieces, which garnered first place in a contest. It is his drive to help fight climate change in his own simple way through awareness. Moreover, he was also given opportunities to dress up some celebrities and his works were featured in a local magazine.

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