Age of Sigmar’s Endless Spells

By Titus Villanueva

The next step in my big fantasy army is to give them some magic to cast. I’ve already got one wizard so he’ll need some ammunition. In age of Sigmar, spells get their own models. It’s something that’s been exciting players ever since the concept was announced.

As a result of the Necroquake, a change in the winds of magic caused by a ritual by Lord Nagash to control the moral realms, magic has become more powerful in many ways. In the game, this means that spells don’t just manifest during the spellcasting phase of the game and become forgotten. They appear as large models wreaking havoc, affecting minds of warriors, causing damage or even empowering nearby allies. They’re literally stands from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. The only way to destroy them is to destroy the caster or unbind it with a spell of your own.

For my Ossiarch Bonereapers, I painted the Soulstealer Carrion, the Bone-tithe Shrieker and the Nightmare Predator. There are other spells we have access to, but I haven’t purchased the models.

The Soulstealer Carrion is a large ghostly bird-like figure that saps energy to empower the wizard who cast it, also providing line of sight for any other spells he might cast. The Bone-tithe Shrieker is a large screaming stone that makes enemies prone to flee and the Nightmare Predator is a giant specter that does not disappear until it’s killed a hero of the caster’s choice.

All these are extremely thematic and I look forward to using them on the war table. It’s very exciting to imagine these things zooming around during a large battle.

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