By Titus Villanueva

Warhammer is fun because you get to see all these models that you’ve spent good time and money on come to life to engage in large cinematic battles. So what better way to make the whole thing funner than to make everything even bigger! There’s a game mode called Apocalypse in which the rules are further simplified and the number of models in the board is doubled. Squads of ten are now twenty. More giant tanks and behemoths of steel roam the battlefield.

As the culminating event of our store campaign, The Ghost in the Machine, the rebellion makes one final stand against the Imperium. The Ultramarine-Tau Empire alliance has joined forces with the Imperial Knights and much to everyone’s surprise, the Orks, who were looking for another excuse to bash heads.
The rebels, led by what has now been revealed to be a terrible Genestealer Cult and their traitorous Militarum and Mechanicus allies have been joined by the forces of Chaos and the Drukhari, united by their hatred for the Imperium.

There were three tables (the ruined city, the underground caverns and the warp) at the beginning with most latter being completely abandoned because all the objectives were on the other two. Taking advantage of this, chaos space marines used it as a staging ground forcing the orks to stand in front of the portal, blocking the advance of Chaos. It is there that they engaged the Imperial Guard in a heated exchange of gunfire. The Imperial Knights engaged with the Drukhari’s flying machines under the dogfights between mutated Valkyries and the ork aircrafts. Bombs were detonated, artillery shells were fired, raining down on the forces of the Imperium as the Tau held the line. The entrance to the caverns
turned into a choke point where utter bedlam happened. Anything that made it through was immediately gunned down by the Mechanicus.

After the chokepoint was cleared by an aspect of Mortarion himself, Chaos would seep through the portal and wreak havoc on the battlefield.
Alas, they were too late. The war had destroyed the planet causing it to crack as the remaining forces began to evacuate. The war for Krauser II was lost for everyone. We jokingly remarked that perhaps this was the lesson of the story. War is bad kids, don’t do it. War sucks, but in a fictional setting where nobody is hurt, it’s a great setting for awesome fights and beautiful clashes that remind us why we keep doing what we do… I’m definitely doing this again.