Binky Pitogo Collection

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Wrap tops and dresses to wear to literally anything

By Binky Pitogo

 The makings of binkydoodles

Before I officially became a fashion designer, I started out by designing RTW pieces and selling them online through Multiply. Fast forward to 2013, I opened my 1st shop in Arevalo and eventually transitioned into designing formal and bridal made-to-measure gowns. It was in February 2018 when I shopped for fabrics for upcoming weddings. I found myself buying heaps of fabric I didn’t know how and where to use. A month after that, I decided to go back to doing my 1st love – ready to wear. I opened a separate account on Instagram (@shopbinkydoodles) to announce my designs online. I decided to expand my operation and hired more women under my wing. The RTW line ensures that there is always something for everyone to put on at any given time.


The fashion industry is known as one of the biggest users of resources and producers of throw-away goods after trends have become passé. In other words, pollution. Sustainable fashion is a movement to make more people in the industry become more conscious about their decisions and actions in the production process and the community. It is also an awareness-building movement for those who love fast fashion  to opt for more practical shopping choices, to stick to good quality basics and avoid disposable fashion or one-time use clothes.

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Sustainable Fashion

There’s still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to making the whole production process sustainable. We still have a very long way to go but when I design pieces, I always think of the item’s purpose. I always take into consideration factors such as wearability, the fit and the flexibility of the style. We always do our best efforts to layout the patterns of the designs well so we could minimize our waste and maximize every inch of the fabric. I always make it a point to study what styles would become our best sellers before we produce more pieces. We produce according to demand. We also don’t over produce styles that are not that saleable to make sure we don’t overstock.

Modern Woman

For this collection, the clothes are mostly made of cheesecloth and light cotton fabrics. The designs either have ties, wraps or are garterized so it’s easy to wear and it flatters small to medium frames. The clothes can also be customized to large-xl frames. The collection is about the woman with a conscious style who goes for what is practical and what is ethical.

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Where to buy

Our clothes are available in store at The Good Retail along Avanceña Street, Molo, Iloilo City (beside Panaderia de Molo). You can also pick-up orders at my atelier, Binky Pitogo Fashion Studio at SanMars Point Building, General Luna Street, Iloilo City. For those outside Iloilo, you may place your orders through our Instagram account @shopbinkydoodles or via our Facebook page Binkydoodles. You may also order our pieces via which is a platform for everything that’s made locally.