Canada refuses to send athletes to Tokyo Olympics

Will Japan postpone the Olympics? (Mladen Antonov)

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are now facing more problems after Canada put out a statement that they are not sending their athletes to the sporting event.

After Norway, Brazil, and Slovenia expressed their concern toward their athletes if the scheduled plan for the Olympics will push through, Canada said that they are not going to Tokyo if all will go accordingly.

The Canadian Olympic Committee also emphasized that the Olympics should be postponed for as long as a year in order to fully restore from the COVID-19 pandemic aftermath.

However, the Japanese Olympics Committee showed no signs of postponement despite receiving tons of criticisms from all over the world.

Japanese Minister Shinzo Abe said that everything will happen according to plan and so far, the idea of cancelation hasn’t come up in their meetings.

Due to the increasing cases of the pandemic, the Canadian Olympic Committee urged their athletes to even halt their practices and stay at home to be safe.