Guiao claims SMB looks better without Fajardo

Former Gilas head coach Yeng Guiao put out one of his boldest statements in the league

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

Coach Yeng Guiao went out on a limb and declared one of the boldest statements in the PBA.

After reviewing the practice scrimmage between the Magnolia Hotshots and the San Miguel Beermen, the veteran tactician noticed major improvements for SMB.

Guiao said that Fajardo’s absence made everyone a scorer and SMB looked to always throw the extra pass since they don’t have their go-to-guy in the post for an easy isolation.

Also, Moala Tautaa’s mobility as their starting center created more opportunities as to what SMB can run offensively.

Guiao also added that SMB looked quicker with the guys they have in their current roster and that made them deadlier this coming PBA season.

One of the x-factors that Guiao also noticed was the resurgence of former PBA MVP Arwind Santos who just looked better with the style of play SMB is currently running.

Chipping in 18 points and a staggering 15 rebound performance, Santos’ role in SMB will be a key factor if they want to make another run for the chip, said Guiao.

“Arwind is the type of player who plays well when placed in a situation where he is important. Well, he’s important for San Miguel right now,” Guiao added.

Guiao also elaborated on what the SMB offense can do with Fajardo sidelined, “Before, the ball always had to go to June Mar. Everything San Miguel did had to go through him. Without him, his teammates are getting more touches and they are showing what they can do.”